Yet More Dodgy Dealings ...

So the eBayer formerly known as MixAntik - now trading as ebuyerrrrr - is selling yet more papyri ... They are being sold as Egyptian, and he has in the past claimed items as being from Oxyrhynchus (here, see also), and I've noted in the past that the Turkish Ministry of Culture is trying to find him as it is illegal to export antiquities from Turkey, where he admitted to being based.

His "About Me" section is now empty, but he's updated his profile to show the items are now "located" in Michigan ...

The minor problem? He forgot that although he can pretend to be in Michigan, he can't fake the shipping times, and buyers will complain if he doesn't list them and items take weeks longer to arrive ...

As I said before I told Paul Barford about this story -- and maybe another ;-)  -- and I highly recommend his posts about 2012 cultural property news: spring / summer and autumn / winter. (A lot of information did not make his blog or mine because gossip needs to be verified, but the Qatar vs Baldwins case over the Prospero sale is going to get very interesting in 2013 ...).

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