The LBB (either Little Black Book or Little Belgravia Book) is slowly growing.

1 - the smile. It comes from within, but it helps that Dr Ann MacGregor of Wallace Bryer is one of the best cosmetic dentists in the world, and she is not only based in London but has replaced the teeth I broke so well no-one realises they are fake. She's so good that I managed to go on the News after having a wisdom tooth 'done' as there was so little swelling. Appointments with Ann are worth waiting for: 020 7235 6681

2 - putting my best foot forward is easy as I've been going for years to Fiona Patterson, an amazing chiropodist at Beauchamp Foot Care. She's far cheaper than most of the people doing pedis at salons in the area, and is certified for surgery on ingrown toenails! My tip is to make a longer appointment or skip the varnish application in favour of one of her blissful foot massages: 020 7225 0794

3 - floods are a fact of life, but to stop them becoming of Biblical proportions, then call Pimlico Plumbers: 020 7928 8888. I've used them almost since they started, and although some claim their prices are ridiculous, their quote for a new boiler was the lowest I got.

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