Loot Busters

The concept is simple: post photos of items reported stolen by governments and their representatives after 1970, to help locate them. And it works. I tend to be faster at posting photos of stolen material than I am at removing recovered material, and frankly I could do with some help so volunteers are welcome.


  1. Of course its always curious as to why someone like you (an archeologist) would talk about looting and theft when your position on the stolen goods in the British Museum is in favour of stolen goods....

    In fact I seem to have found something in one of your blogs about a serious and respected man (about ancient coins) where you basicaly threaten him to stop writing on your blog and have his lawyers talk to your lawyers... and you claim that his writtings to you are considered harassment..!!!
    This to me, a newbie in this, sound too weird and suspicious.

    Why are you so interested in my peoples ancient history, but love to protect the thievs of the British Museum?
    Im curious....

    Of course, I dont expect an answer, perhaps you might even threaten me too with a lawsuit if I write here again.... who knows... that wont surprise me at all...

    But know this: the "war" against THIEVS and specialy those of the British Museum ISNT over.... we WILL get the stolen goods back, you can be sure of that...!!
    It might take a little longer than Mellina Mercouri wished for, but we WILL get the Greek Parthenon Marbles BACK TO ITS RIGHTFULL OWNERS... you will be alive to see this day, it will happen within your lifetime, trust me... perhaps even sooner...

    In the meantime, please do continue to help repatriate other stolen artefacts... to this we salute your efforts and thank you....

    King Lysimachos.

  2. I agree as well, museums all over the world do not want to give back items that are closely associated with the image of the museum but this must start happening. Whether it is Native American items, European, or Asian, if they were taken in earlier times in a way that we can now say was not legitimate the items should be returned to their native countries.

  3. I used to think just like you, but now seeing what happened in Egypt, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq...
    It´s better that the treasures of humanity stay safe from political struggles and everyone can enjoy it.

  4. http://en.protothema.gr/amphipolis-british-museum-responds-to-looting-accusations/
    please comment on this someone... is it me or according to this the british museum still doesnt have legitimacy over these?


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