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Cihan Ozyurt said...

Dear you own your business ıf you want l can make a lot of papyri :) for exsample "my wife" Jesus was married ? of course noo!
are you a donkey its of course FAKE"

Jean Noël Tribolo said...

Thank you for your posts! Happy New Year!

Regina said...

Excellent blog Dorothy!

OxfordStudent said...

I was lucky enough to have Jason Crowley as a professor and it was an absolutely phenomenal class. He was able to make the class extremely interactive to engage the students all while making it immensely informative and educational.
You are absolutely horrendous to read. You have no idea what you're talking about when you bash Jason Crowley's work. You look so ignorant. It is absolutely pathetic. Please read some scholarly articles before you go ranting and raving and critiquing his meticulous, thought-out, intelligent work. He was interviewed by The Times! You will never amount to anything as quintessential and monumental in your life.

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