About Me

My name is Dr Dorothy Louise Victoria Lobel King aka Dorothy.

I live in London, but also spent a lot of time in France and the Florida Panhandle growing up, amongst other places.

My PhD dissertation written way back during the last millennium was on later Greek architectural sculpture - in short how public monuments were decorated and why (King's College London and The Institute of Classical Studies). It is available on Kindle, links below (and the 5* review is from my uncle, who did actually read it but might be a wee bit biased, although the people on my viva panel were also enthusiastic about it).

Then I did a post-doc very kindly funded by the Onassis Foundation where I got to spend time at the wonderful ASCSA in Athens. Then ...

I've published academic articles on Caryatids and Palm Capitals, and assorted other subjects. The other day I was hunting down the publication of a site through footnotes ... which turned out to be "King 2002" and made me realise that I should put more of my work online. I don't use Facebook or Academia.edu or the various other similar social networking sites, but some of my work I've add to DropBox here.

I live in London, I have a Jack Russell named Ellie von Pelly, and I love food.
Ellie loves (non-dog) food, balls, balloons, duvets, long walks, balls, balloons, food.

I can't bear to watch the movie 300 because I used to excavate in Sparta. Yes I still am "on" digs but the ones I get most excited about I'm only really consulting on so can't discuss it until the directors have presented the information ... and the one I'm co-director of is more of a courtesy appointment at the request of the archaeological service. Go figure.

Oh, and the one that always surprises people, is that I taught at a very liberal Yeshiva, so technically was a rabbi (that's all rabbi means, and not all rabbis are religious leaders in the way Christian priests are).

And yes, I am aware that some people keep writing shit about me on my Wikipedia page. I'd rather not have one, but ... one dealer whom I caught smuggling, and a woman who slept with my best friend's husband and now devotes her time to trashing us, are really not worth worrying about.