About Me

My name is Dr Dorothy Lobel King aka Dee.

I live in London, but also spent a lot of time in France and the Florida Panhandle growing up. And a lot of other places.

I wrote my PhD dissertation last millennium on later Greek architectural sculpture - in short how public monuments were decorated and why (King's College London and The Institute of Classical Studies). It is available on Kindle, links below (and the 5* review is from my uncle, who did actually read it but might be a wee bit biased, although the people on my viva panel were also enthusiastic about it).

Then I did a post-doc very kindly funded by the Onassis Foundation where I got to spend time at the wonderful ASCSA in Athens. Then ...

I've published academic articles on Caryatids and Palm Capitals, and assorted other subjects. The other day I was hunting down the publication of a site through footnotes ... which turned out to be "King 2002" and made me realise that I should put more of my work online.

I'm working on one about the monuments of the Hecatomnid Dynasty of Caria.

I wrote a "popular history" book on The Elgin Marbles (Hutchinson 2006) - links below.

I'm not a big public speaker, but I'm always more than happy to give talks at schools, museums etc.

I live in London, I have a Jack Russell named Ellie von Pelly, and I love food.

Ellie loves (non-dog) food, balls, balloons, duvets, long walks, balls, balloons, food.

I can't bear to watch the movie 300 because I used to excavate in Sparta. Yes I still am "on" digs but the ones I get most excited about I'm only really consulting on so can't discuss it until the directors have presented the information ... and the one I'm co-director of is more of a courtesy appointment at the request of the archaeological service. Go figure.

Oh, and the one that always surprises people, is that I taught at a very liberal Yeshiva, so technically was a rabbi (that's all rabbi means, and not all rabbis are religious leaders in the way Christian priests are).



Nice and Wise.

Unknown said...

living the dream!

King Lysimachos said...

A curious question,
Why the "after" 1970 date for stolen goods? Are we hiding behind this date to protect someones interests (ie the B.M. thefts prior to that date?)

What are you doing about the STOLEN Greek goods in the "British Museum" ? You know, im talking about ALL goods and not just the Parthenon Marbles (I dont call them "Elgin marbles".... he was the thief... you dont name things by the person who stole them...).
There isnt one single Greek artefact in that house of bandid thievs that has been put there legaly, and by that I mean one single artefact that was sold or given to them by a Greek Government or the Greek Antiquities Authority. Everything there is stolen. As far as I know they have NO legal papers from Greece on ANYTHING.
What is your position on this matter?
I would love to know....


King Lysimachos said...

Dear Dorothy King,
I will need no answer to my previous question above.... once I continued reading your blog and did some extra research on your persona I got my answer: you are in favour of the STOLEN GOODS (Parthenon Marbles) being held by the bandid of thievs in the British Museum...!!
Yet, you have a blog where you ask people to report stolen goods... what hypocrisy.... and you claim to be an arceologist.... not a very responsible one if you support museums holding STOLEN GOODS....!!

Never mind, we will get our property back one way or another... you can bet your bottom dollar that we will...!!!

And no matter what your poor excuses are for those bandids holding our property, the fact is this: a thief is a thief, no matter what excuse he gives...!!
Dealing in stolen goods is a crime.... and handling stolen goods makes one a accessory to the crime... supporting thievs is not illegal buts its immoral....

what surprised me is to have read that past Greek Governments allowed someone with your immoral views to come to my country and dig at Sparta or partake in digs.... I dont know if this is true or if you indeed came here and "snooped" around my countries ancient sites, but its annoying at the very least that this scenario could be true....

People, specialy archeogists, who support the theft of the Parthenon Marbles should be classified as PERSONA NON GRATA and never be allowed to even enter Hellas.

This is my view and in light of this I shall not return here, nor will I answer or write on your blog again (unless of course you wish me to do so).

Besides this, my apologies for sounding rude, but better to be rude than to be a thief, or support one...!!

and the closing note:
please do continue to help repatriate other stolen artefacts... to this we salute your efforts and thank you....


Phoevos said...

Bravo! Well done!

Makedonets said...

Aha, sponsored by Onasis foundation, thats why you made a clip where you try to defend greek views on Macedonia, got it. So here is it: You are wrong, Skopje is Macedonia. Cheers

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