For Sale: 2500 Coincraft Shares

I figure it's easier to be honest: I would rather concentrate on my health. I've had minor cardiac issues  forever, which I can control - except when I'm put under extraordinary stress. I can't deal with Piccadilly Coin Company any more, but I also don't see why those of us who were harassed should be  bullied into walking away from 9 % each of the company.

I offered to sell my 2500 shares to Richard Lobel at a price that would value the company as a whole at £ 6.3 m. He felt that that valuation was excessively high.

Given the company's assets - a building on Great Russell Street, the largest stock of coins in the UK and a mailing list, what's "on the books" - if I'm honest that sum seemed disproportionately low compared to the break-up value.

But as Mr Lobel keeps telling me, I'm "an idiot" with "no experience" so ... I figure, I'll go with his own valuation of the company.

Therefore I'm willing to consider much lower offers.

Another shareholder with the same amount of stock feels the same way.

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