Today In 222: Elagabalus Died

Elagabalus was a Severan emperor but also part of the royal family of Emesa, modern Homs in Syria. As such, he served as the priest-king of El-Gebal, aka Elagabal, an Aramaic cult that was arguably monotheistic. Emesa was a small theocratic city-state that remained a client-kingdom of Rome until quite late so although we don't know who all the rulers were, we have a surprising amount of information about them covering several centuries. For example Drusilla of Mauretania was descended from Cleopatra VII, and married Gaius Julius Sohaemus and bore a son Alexio II; centuries later Zenobia claimed descent from Cleopatra through them.

Elagabalus was unable to cope with being being a priest and an emperor.  He went through five wives and two husbands before being assassinated at 18.

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