Hellenistic Bronzes at the Palazzo Strozzi, Florence

The exhibition is officially open today and they very kindly let me see it yesterday. Proper blog post to follow, but this is an amazing exhibition very much worth seeing in Florence, then again later at The Getty and subsequently at the National Gallery in DC when slightly different pieces will be included such as the Croatian bronze and the Thracian head.

At the Strozzi, L'Arringatore is amongst the many beautiful bronzes on loan from Florence Archaeological Museum, including the Medici Horse, the Arezzo Athena and the Idolino. For those worried that the Archaeological Museum is denuded, they currently have the most incredible exhibition of finds from Etruscan tombs, Lorenzo de Medici's coins and cameos restored by Cellini are on display and from the 20th they will have a related exhibition on small bronzes.

The exhibition previously at Cluny on Medieval Travel also opens at the Bargello on the 20th, and I assume will also include that amazing scroll of the Peutinger Map - so for those interested in Antiquity this is the perfect time to visit Florence and Fiesole.

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