Very Sad Photos

I'm a little snowed under with "stuff" - it also feels as if I'm on a bit of a world tour in the coming month - but this sad news is worth sharing:


  1. These scenes remind me of a painting I saw in Boyana Church close to Sofia (Bulgaria), which was part of several wall paintings that survived under a very old Medieval layer.

    It looked Early Christian to me and depicted two people toppling a Roman statue with a face of content.

    I immediately thought: ah it asked worshippers to participate in destroying pagan sculptures.

    Interestingly enough, I cannot find a picture of this painting on any side about Boyana church. I wonder if it is too explosive...

    Can you point me to such paintings? I wanne see if they ressemble this painting.


  2. Actually it is a recurring theme in early christianity... Please refer to this account of The Lifes of the Saints.


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