Is this More of the "First Century" Gospel of Mark?

Interesting similarity of handwriting ... between these fragments I posted photos of yesterday from the Turkish eBay seller "Zelis eksioglu" ...and the newly discovered Gospel of Mark ;-)

These top three photos of material he was touting to sell "off eBay" and below the ones of the Gospel of Mark Josh McDowell recently 'discovered' ... although frankly when the seller is boasting of what it is ...

New Mark photos that were made public:

And don't forget the eBay dealer who sold Galatians which ended up with Green was also offering bits of Mark for sale off eBay towards the end of 2013:

.... which he described as "early christianity coptic codex mark-gospel" 

I am so out of this field, that I think it is better to let others simple have the list of other items the eBayer was offering:
  • for example we have to sell a 1.th corintihans papyri book "4.M" 
  • important greek,greco- roman - jewis-aramaic -early christianity coptic codex mark-gospel-jhon style and christianity arabic syrani language fragments
  • Also "barnabas" fragments diffrent meaning than bible.
  •   l have similar greek homar iliad helenistic roman and early christianity (mark-jhon etc.) codex climaci fragments Vellum and papyri and papyri cartonagges like this products 
The "homar iliad" I'm guessing is this piece that Josh McDowell now has or possibly another fragment:

 Looting (or rather working to prevent looting) is my field. Papyrology is not.

Roberta Mazza is a brilliant papyrologist who has been working separately on these issues, and although we have touched base and I have shared other info not blogged with her, she has made many other discoveries that she also blogs about on her brilliant blog Faces and Voices.

So this is a quick "blog love" shout-out to Roberta Mazza's Faces and Voices, which I highly recommend subscribing to (here).


  1. Dorothy,
    Interesting pictures from eBay.

    But the "New Mark photos," as you described them, are not photos of Mark. One of them has text from First Corinthians, though. Nor are they new; they were in McDowell's video and were features at the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog some time ago.

    I am not sure about what that redacted correspondence is all about. Codex Climaci? With a reference to Karen King's "Gospel of Jesus' Wife papyrus (which is demonstrably fake)?? A best-case scenario, istm, is that the "Mark codex" under discussion is some Coptic (not Greek) manuscript, not the elusive first-century fragment of Mark.

  2. Apologies - I was being sarcastic about those "Mark" fragments, just making the point (or trying to that) the eBay seller seems to be offering the same items that they keep "discovering" ... and a seller that admits to smuggling.

    I've been tracking his sales and slowly linking them more and more to the Green Scholars purchases and to other "new discoveries" eg Sappho and that "Jesus' Wife" piece ... so am hugely grateful for you making the link with those particular ones. The eBay man was offering Greek Mark and normally specialised in selling cartonnage ... which he no longer offers to London dealers presumably as he has a buyer lined up.

  3. A lot more actual Green - not eBay - papyri photos are here


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