AIA-St. Louis Society's Sale of Egyptian Artifacts - update

Beth Ann Judas

wrote her first blog post about it last month here, and being new to blogging updated her blog post rather than writing a new one which would have been at the top of the stream -- please do take a look at her update with the AIAMeeting vote etc

Beth Ann Judas: How Many Hekats of Barley are These Worth?

**** UPDATE: January 10, 2015 AIA Council Meeting at the 2015 Annual Meetings****

Last night, thanks to the miracle of twitter, those of us unable able to
attend the 2015 AIA-SCS Annual Meetings in New Orleans, LA, USA, were
able to follow along with the proceedings regarding the AIA-St. Louis
Society.  I followed two people (@jstpwalsh and@sylviadeskaj) and
retweeted their live tweets. I was torn-part of me wanted desperately to
be there (but that is always the result of my
"why-didn't-I-go-to-the-Annual-Meetings-this-year"-itis, although it was
heightened this year), but I am also very glad I wasn't there, as my
blood pressure might have spiked so high that my head might have popped
right off my body, which we can all agree would have been rather
distracting during the meeting.  The live tweets were the next best
thing, and so I re-tweeted them. From the tweets that I saw I remain
unimpressed by the arguments from the AIA-STL Society President...and
that is all I will say about that (as he seems very keen on litagation).

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