British Design: Reiko Kaneko

Okay, technically she describes herself as "British-Japanese" but Kanebo lives and works in Stoke-on-Trent, and since I'm a fan of beautiful modern design in pottery I thought that it might be worth highlighting some of her fabulous creations.

Romance nowadays seems to have become a commercialised circus where everything is pink and glittery, but who wouldn't rather be presented with coffee in one of these charmingly understand cups? The mugs can also be personalised, so for those willing to plan ahead for Valentine's Day rather than grab a bouquet from the petrol station ... mugs here, tea cup here.

Obviously breakfast gestures need not be restricted to men making women breakfast in bed twice a year (Valentine's Day and birthday), and men have birthdays too ... so this is what I'd serve his in. I suspect it is designed possibly more for children, but there's nothing wrong with embracing our inner child - if anything re-experiencing the sort of joy we felt as children is important to adults too.
Breakfast Express Train here.

To anyone with a cat or dog and a Christmas tree, the photograph above will look familiar. Even for the most obsessive-compulsive amongst us it is probably far too early to start planning for Christmas, but I mention these so that people can start to think about snapping a photograph of their own pet, and in due course getting around to ordering a personalised Christmas bauble ...

Personalised Christmas Baubles here.

Or alternatively get a personalised pet bowl made, which frankly is far more useful as it with see daily use all year round: here.

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