Skopje, Andrew Chugg etc ...

I think that Andrew Chugg scholarship is on the same level as Skopje's claims to be Macedonia. I realise that there are a lot of enthusiastic people reading up about Alexander, and normally I encourage that, but I will not bother from now on answering questions stemming from his "research" or research based on watching Oliver Stone's Alexander movie. I also can't be bothered to do homework for the people leaving angry comments, so if they are so superior I suggest that they do their own research. The internet is useful, but there is a wonderful invention called a library which is far superior. Whilst 99% of people have been very kind and generous, life is far too short to worry about the one or two μαλάκες.

Update - to be clear, yes I am aware of this article by Olga Palagia, and whilst she brings interesting evidence together, she is again trying to down-date Tomb II at Vergina so that it is not Philip II, and her use of evidence is influenced by this: http://articleserver.info/Hoelscher/PalagiaVergina.pdf

A better article to read is Paul McKechnie, Diodorus Siculus and Hephaestion's Pyre, Classical Quarterly 45, 1995, pp. 418-432: JSTOR.


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  3. Dear Dorothy,
    As a greek, i can only say one thing:
    THANK YOU! Σε αγαπάμε πολύ!
    Ps! Nevermind the μαλάκες!

  4. I've written a 27-page detailed paper Dorothy on HFAISTION being the Kasta tumulus occupant and that these are his bones. If you are interested, I'll be happy to share it with you. Just let me know.

  5. ROFL... your Greek are impeccable!

  6. Dorothy thank you for the amazing Information, ignore the ignorant μαλακες . Could you please give an explanation about the scattered skeleton pieces? Obviously a looter's job trying to take the golden ornaments of the corpse. But it is also obvious that there was a try of purification of the vandalized tomb by sealing it. In that case the skeleton should be either removed or put back to its place. Unless the sealing was an attempt of vanishing the tomb and the memory of the deceased. Any ideas?

  7. LOL
    Don’t bother with the eristic a**holes, who can't read and are not capable to understand facts. Just ignore them.
    We love your opinion

  8. You and some of the people commenting to your blog contribute enormously to our knowledge on so many things that we ought to have known (and learn at school, but alas! the educational system in Greece is ...unspeakable)! Thank you all, Δωροθέα.

  9. I know some wonderful very well educated Greeks, so I can't comment on the education system in Greece.

    I spent a lot of time as a child visiting my grandparents in Communist Poland, so people being able to freely express opinions is very important to me. Also discussing everything is part of Jewish culture - for example even my father who never cooks will discuss food and my cooking for hours ....

    My only issue is with bullies.

    I am only human, and can be wrong and make mistakes, but that's how we learn!

  10. Ah ...my father also has an opinion on everything :-)
    Greeks tend to do so too
    Being an engineer I know that public school doesn't give the best but I don't know how other countries' educational system is... I have great expectations for ours but the trend iof it s to be deteriorated

    Bullies are a problem to themselves...don't get involved; let psychologist do the work!
    Υγεία και ευτυχία

  11. I also like to thank you Dorothy for being a Philellene and speaking the historical truth without bias.

  12. Dear Dorothy, Greetings from Athens.
    Again, i would like to thank you for the concentrated knowledge we receive from your blog. I 'discovered' your blog in August when i was trying to find out more about Amphipolis but never tried to write to you until the day they found the Bones. At that time, all we had was the Perivolos. And what a journey this has been! anyway.....
    I would like to ask you, if you have a complete timelined (?) scenario from the info you have, on how the Tomb came to be in the state that it is now. I think its obvious that it is looted (i even guess that the damage in the mosaic could be sustained by an ancient crane like the ones they used in ancient greek theatres for the Deus ex Machina..) thus the "empty" and deprived of ornaments, final chamber. Is it possible the looting was "official"? In the way that an order was given (by whom and at what period) to erase everything from the history books and to empty the Tomb from all valuables? i would love to read your thoughts on a complete scenario... an educated guess at least..
    ps. you look much better in tv than in your blog photo :)

  13. Dorothy King about Macedonia & Ancient Macedonians and FYROM (ALPHA TV)

  14. hi.9 out of 10 commenters in Greek blogs do not think highly of you,dr king,.but you have my vote..

  15. Greeks respect you and love you. Please ignore comments from some idiots. Idiots do exist, really!

  16. The point is to many countries have recognized Skopje as Macedonia. This is very sad. They committed historical crime against humanity not only to Hellas.. What can we say about unhistorical Matthew Nimetz that he said on both sides of macedonia found Macedonian findings. Obviously means the real Greek Macedonia is one with skopian. Disgrace Matthew Nimetz and all of those that involved and abusing history.

  17. μαλάκες
    en français on dit "connards"
    la connerie est humaine mais les dieux grecs pensaient que le paradis est sur Terre :-)

  18. Guys please dont involve modern Macedonians into this. Even Macedonian (republic of) official history (not the political fantasies) doesn't put a direct correlation between us and ancient Macedonians.
    My forefathers 200y. ago chose the name Macedonians as an ethnic denominator to describe themselves, and the name of the country is derived from that ethnic identity. This is the period of national awakening for all Balkan people.

    X-ray nothing is sad about the fight of people for their right to self-determine, and liberty of oppression. I am for compromise of this stupid issue and future brotherhood of nations (however impossible that sounds).

  19. @mPedia.....
    although this is not the place for a political debate....
    there is NO Macedonian Ethnic Identity. If you are Macedonian (and not Slav, Serbian, Bosnian, Turk, Albanian, Roma...) and you speak and read the "Koine" then you should be able to read the following: "Θα σε προκαλούσα σε πνευματική μονομαχία, αλλά βλέπω ότι είσαι άοπλος.
    Γουίλιαμ Σαίξπηρ, 1564-1616, Άγγλος συγγραφέας " :)

  20. Dear Ms Dorothea,
    Ι must thank you from my Heart because of your words... you vindicate the truth about the ancient Greek Macedonians.
    For me you are a hero battling against the propaganda and lies that makes the FYROM against Global History and against Greece.
    I wish you the best from my heart
    architect ingineer

  21. The Vergina tomb story is a huge lie . its not Philip II of Macedon, see here: http://archive.archaeology.org/online/features/macedon/
    Best wishes from Macedonia


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