Blog Love: Monuments of Roman Greece

We tend to overlook the Roman period in Greece, although it is the focus of more and more scholarship. Chris Dickenson is working on a project to document the Monuments of Roman Greece | Statues, space and power in the ancient world and I highly recommend subscribing to his blog. The first two posts are about Roman copies of the Parthenon sculptures. (I blogged about depictions of the Parthenon and the architectural sculpture here, which includes a few images not within his scope).


  1. Thanks for your share.
    I'm very interested in this topic and I felt very concerned with you article as I made my Master's thesis on the religious syncretism in the city of Corinth from 146 BC to 267 AD.

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  3. Well according to the ancient Greek and Roman scholars, Rome was a Greek city, so there is not distinction between Rome and Greece. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8a0ODTqPXkk


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