I was thrilled to see that the whole team presented their amazing finds and explained them to clearly to people today. As I said on Twitter, it's their excavation and their day to shine not mine (so I'm not making any comments to the press and won't blog about the site today).


  1. where is the dating data that where arrogantly expressed before even the discovery of the sphinxes? that team made olga's day,today.

  2. sent like Zeus thunders from your keyboard : ''they had the coins of Alex. the Great,but they did'nt consider it necessary to show them to public!!!!"

  3. What a ..... so many words could fit in there. Let's just hope when the tomography is finished the Greek state, demands it proceed using 2015 techniques instead of 1990.

  4. http://dexiextrem.blogspot.gr/2014/12/blog-post_127.html

    Good evening.Would you please take a look at the hill next to Casta and the analysis by amphipoly-pyramid -hunter.blogspot.gr and some comments of parapolitica.gr. It's in greek though.


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