Today In AD 54: Claudius Died

Claudius was 24 when Augustus died, so his early years come up in Adrian Goldsworthy's brilliant biography - but as Adrian points out, this is a double-edged sword as Augustus suffers through his portrayal in Robert Graves' I, Claudius and Claudius the God ...

Hatchards in London has signed copies of Adrian's book, and again I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Augustus: From Revolutionary to Emperor - hardcover at Amazon UK
Augustus: From Revolutionary to Emperor - Kindle at Amazon UK
Yale hardcover at Amazon US - Augustus: First Emperor of Rome
Adrian Goldsworthy's Augustus - Kindle at Amazon US

All three books are worth reading, and for those who are Francophone I also recommend Classicist Pierre Grimal's novel about Agrippina, wife of Claudius and mother of his heir Nero: Mémoires d'Agrippine - it has all the dirt from the ancient sources and is rather gripping!

If you enjoyed this video by Adrian Murdoch, check out his book on The Emperors of Rome; Kindle UK, Kindle US, etc

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