Syrian and Iraqi: Photographs of Jewish Sites?

I personally 'gave up' on trying to do anything more when it comes to Syria than trying to keep track of museum collections where I can, and documenting everything else. Although there are photos of much more archaeological material than dodgy dealers realise, there is a dearth of photographs of synagogues and Jewish sites both in Syria and Iraq.

Several people have already contacted me about photographs of Jobar and other sites, but I have also been asking for photographs. Ideally I would like to post them on this blog initially (with identifying information removed to protect people still there), and in the long term try to set up a separate web site making them available to others.

The first set of photographs of Jobar is here, and hopefully more will come. I think it is important to try to document the community before it vanishes entirely, and whatever becomes of the material. Shockingly I have not even been able to confirm how many synagogues there were in Damascus.

Dura-Europos is gone; the frescoes and objects are luckily at Yale or packed away, but one of the most fascinating early synagogues is gone. The others are barely recorded.
If anyone thinks they can help, please do get in touch: dorothy.lists [at] gmail.com

The NYT has a summary of some of the destruction, and all these sites once had flourishing Jewish communities:

In Syria and Iraq, Trying to Protect a Heritage at Risk - NYTimes.com

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