RIP Mecca's Heritage or Why Wahhabis R Wrong

A nice summary of a very sad situation: The Destruction of Mecca - NYTimes.com

I think I've covered the Wahhabi philosophy of destroying heritage before, even anything associated with the Prophet Mohammed. This is in case they become idols, and in some ways is a little like other religious prohibitions that add layer and layer to the original intent to the point where is is distorted.

For example when Mohammed gained control of Mecca he destroyed the idols but not the image of Jesus and Mary. Having gone through everything he said, he was clear that images should not be used as idols but did not advocate the destruction of them all.

ISIS is currently misinterpreting it by assuming they know better what the Prophet Mohammed wanted than the people who knew him and recorded his teachings.

Saudi is a little better, but the Wahhabi culture they exported is directly responsible for the various fundamentalist groups claiming the AQ and now the ISIS philosophy. For some reason journalists often call those in north Africa Salafi and seem to be unaware that this is just another name for Wahhabi.

The Saudis funded the more extreme members to go proselytise, many went to Mauretania, and then north into "Western Sahara" and into Algeria. Then Libya ... where we call them Salafis. It's why I could never espouse the trendy cause of Independence for Western Sahara that pop stars and celebutards seem to embrace. If you can't see on this map what a mess that makes it, please don't ask me to sponsor your fundraising for either them or your electoral race.

(map by Eric Gaba – Wikimedia Commons user: Sting)

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  1. My only problem with this is the way you mentioned Western Sahara, which is the last colony in Africa and which like Palestine has been trapped in endless peace process where the Western countries supporting the occupier, in this case Morocco, allow the occupation to continue even when Morocco has for twenty years successfully stopped the independence referendum from going on. Western Sahara needs it's liberty. Polisario, the independence movement of Western Sahara, is secular and wants to establish a secular state. Morocco, on the other hand, is a "security state". Prominent Saharawi human rights activist Hassana al-Wali just died imprisoned, after years of torture and mistreatment. The Saharawi deserve their independence and their culture is far from the puritan austerity the Saudi Wahhabis want to enforce in Muslim countries - just look at the prominent role of women both in the Saharawi culture and their independence struggle. I enjoy reading your blog, but please, don't believe the Moroccan propaganda in this issue. Supporting the independence of Western Sahara is not about being trendy, but allowing the Saharawi to leave refugee camps and live peace in their own country. And Morocco itself needs true democratic change.


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