Obscure Emperors: Aurelian

He is however interesting in terms of archaeology as his age was so troubled he had to build the first new walls of Rome since Augustus. Aurelian - as well as finally defeating Zenobia - initiated a massive construction project to wall the city of Rome and provide her with strong defenses against invaders. The Aurelian walls were begun in AD 271, and completed soon after his death in 275. Aurelius Victor includes them in this rather odd list of Aurelius' achievements, which does not include the reconquest of Palmyra and Egypt [De Caesaribus, 35.5-6]:
That man first introduced among the Romans a diadem for the head, and he used gems and gold on every item of clothing to a degree almost unknown to Roman custom.
He fortified the city with stronger, more solid walls. For the populace, he instituted a ration of pork.
For more on the walls see here.

A Felicissimus was in charge of the treasury at Rome and might have built the Hypogeum of the Aurelii within the Aurelian walls - for more on it see here.

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