Islam: Team Affleck!

At the suggestion of a friend in DC I bought an iTunes subscription to Real Time with Bill Maher. I didn't renew it. He doesn't know as much as Colbert or Stewart, and he isn't funny.

Saturday Night is a perfect example.

Anyone who cites a survey claiming that 78% of British Muslims thought the Danish Mohammed cartoonists should be prosecuted is spreading inaccurate propaganda.

Leading questions lead to the answers one wants. Do we really need to make the point again?

Anyone who cites a dubious study of this nature with a straight face is an idiot. Maybe I'm lucky but 100% of the Muslims I know in Britain or who are British disagree. [I exclude the one "Muslim" I know what thinks ODL got a bum deal, because he is atheist and has been forcibly detained in a psychiatric institution due to being a paranoid schizophrenic who makes death threats.]

Some Muslims are fanatical, as are some Christians and Jews. Even Buddhists once were. Some Muslim regimes were much more liberal than Christian ones; see Spain, the Ottomans.

The host makes it clear he only agrees with Democracy when people elect a government he likes, which is pretty much the text-book definition of what democracy is not. Do we have to like the fact that some people chose to elect Hamas? No. But that's also one of the key features of Democracy.

One of the host's issues is that Islam not nice to women. 

I agree that it would be nice if half the population were represented. My eye-sight is failing me - could someone point out which of these five is the woman?

Obviously one can't tell religion from looks, but one token Muslim might have been nice. I guess the problem with this Liberal is that he only wanted people who agreed with his views on the show?

Obviously as a conservative who believes in God, and a woman, I am not represented by Bill Maher's show. As a Jewish woman I have never experience discrimination against me in some of the Muslim countries he is discussing, but party that is probably because I have been there or worked with their government, and Bill Maher has not. I am also aware that my experience differs considerably from many women in those countries, but that does not mean we should be bigots. Fundamentalists are always the fringe.

Nicholas Kristof and Michael Steele made very good points, but Ben Affleck loosing his temper with the other side's crap ... made the point best.

Bad people do bad things because they are bad whatever religion they are. 100% of rapists are bad people, most rapists are men - but by their argument all men would be labelled bad. They're not. Just because Bill Maher is a fanatical bigot, please don't assume that 100% of Americans are.

Radical Islam is a minority.

There may well have been good reasons for boycotting Ben Affleck as Batman, but there are none for boycotting his movies based on the fact that he has common sense and has experienced a bit more of the world than most.

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