Inscriptions Returned to Turkey

The FBI handed over several looted inscription to the Turkish Embassy in DC in August.

The ten stele are 2st to 3rd century AD, and can be located to Lydia based on the dialect of Greek used.

The Turks spotted a stele on the art market, and contacted the FBI; whilst they items were in the Interpol database, they seem to have been stolen before the Ministry of Culture started listing stolen material online. This case was sorted out through law enforcement channels, and for once the various for-profit groups and bounty hunters seem to have forgotten to issue press releases claiming to have helped to raise funds.

FBI — Photo Gallery: FBI Returns Ancient Sculptures to Turkey

UPDATED The gallery selling them was edgarlowen.com, and quite a few are still on his web site:

Feel free to browse the rest of his web site, and if you spot any dubious items contact the FBI Art Crimes squad.


  1. hi dorothy,who was the dealer handling the sale in the us.is the info out there.i have an idea but no confirmation.

  2. I'm not aware of information being out there, but the items were on Edgar Lowen's web site. Will add them above.

  3. i thought they were from there,i have spoken to edgar many times on the ancientartifacts yahoo group and i know he takes things on consignment.i have never done business with him,very high retail prices.i remember looking at these when they were for sale on his website but than they disappeard,i wasnt sure if they were the same ones.thanks for that dorothy.

  4. Yes, they do seem to be the same ones. All dealers make mistakes, and have never heard of issues with him before but ... this is a biggie for him if he's otherwise kosher.


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