I Am Not Posting Leaks About Amphipolis

I don't know how many times I can say this.

I am not posting leaks about Amphipolis.

Michaelis Lefantzis has not leaked any information to me, and my only communication with him since early August was reporting someone at the site leaking information - which I did not post here. We have not communicated since.

I am not talking to any journalists about Amphipolis, so any who claim I am are not telling the truth.

If I wanted publicity I could easily do a spread in the Daily Mail about my own work, but I chose back in 2006 not to do publicity. I'm very happy to lead a quiet life, and have never had any TV offer or press offer that I thought was worth sacrificing that for.

I can see from coverage that there are leaks, and there is nothing I can do about it.

There's a lot of crap on the internet.

For example this story about me:

I don't sleep with married men, I don't have a child, I wasn't kidnapped ... well the whole post is complete and utter crap, and the wild imaginings of a paranoid schizophrenic who's also threatened to kill me.

There's one blog that argues I organised 9/11 as part of a Jewish conspiracy to invade Iraq and loot Baghdad Museum - I can't find the link.

Another web site says I'm part of a Catholic conspiracy to conceal the truth about Jesus.

The internet is crap.

Look, the short version is that I don't give a damn about what people think about me.

I do find it upsetting when people make false accusations against good people.

Michaelis Lefantzis has not leaked a single piece of information to me about Amphipolis.

I very much doubt that he has leaked any information about the site to anyone else, and people have stopped sending me leaks since I reported them.

Having said that, I can see from the press coverage and various other places that many of his ideas have been leaked elsewhere by other people on the excavation - I don't know by whom, and if I did I would happily report them.

Do I think the Ministry of Culture should release the information already presented at conferences? Yes, because this is a ridiculous situation where a lot of the information was put out there, and is now not available.

I was quite happy to discuss the excavations, making it clear that this is only my opinion, and that the archaeologists know what they are doing.

I am also quite clear that the accusations being made about Michaelis Lefantzis are political nonsense because of my book on the Parthenon Sculptures. Similarly Greece is the only country apart from Albania that has refused to provide Lootbusters with photographs of stolen archaeological material - although Albania refuses to admit anything is stolen, the Greek Ministry of Culture prefer to make political capital by playing 'gotcha' to embarrass dealers and collectors.

I have now removed all posts about Amphipolis.

I would rather do that than allow people to claim a good and decent man is behaving badly, and smear him because they don't like me.

I will not be blogging any more about Amphipolis.

I have to be honest, I had thought things had changed in Greece, but clearly they have not. The Ministry of Culture is as ridiculous as ever.