Donna Yates on Christos Tsirogiannis

Dr Donna Yates would like me to make it clear that despite repeated claims, Christos Tsirogiannis is just a student with nothing to do with the Greek Ministry of Culture. She would also like me to make it clear that she was having a private conversation on Twitter that she just happened to keep Tweeting at me even though as she herself admits my account was then set to private and she couldn't read my Tweets, which was why she was quite happy to just insult me. She has made it clear that what she said was again wrong, and that Christos Tsirogiannis has only ever made general claims of looting at Amphipolis, and that she was  being incompetent spreading propaganda with very little tangential link to reality.

A vaguely incompetent student with a not particularly good Dr Yates seems like a rather rude way to describe Christos Tsirogiannis, but since Yates has been haranguing me to 'correct' myself, I am happy to indulge her and post her views.

My past experience of Yates has never been particularly positive. My past experience of Tsirogiannis was a conference last year where he spoke about a sculpture I had been instrumental in getting returned after the Libyan archaeologist had tried everyone else; he kept 'correcting' me and referred me to seek guidance from "the real expert" Peter Watson. I had not until that point been aware that Watson had even had any involvement with the sculpture, but expertise surely would have been getting it back to Libya?

Welcome to the world of people who fight looting by raising as much money as they can to go to conferences to talk about it, and who give as many versions as suit them rather than getting on with catching the looters.