Blog Love: Katy Meyers and Bones Don't Lie on Vampires etc

Katy is an anthropology PhD student who specializes in mortuary archaeology and bioarchaeology - she has a fascinating blog which covers all things bones in an approachable but academic manner.

Obviously she has covered the Vampire Burials:

Archaeology of Vampires | Bones Don't Lie
Archaeology of Vampires, part II | Bones Don't Lie
CAPA Conference and Mapping Deviant Burials | Bones Don't Lie
Deviant Burials in Early Medieval Ireland | Bones Don't Lie
Happy Halloween! | Bones Don't Lie

... as well as grave robbing ...

Grave Robbing: Not Always What it Seems… | Bones Don't Lie

 ... witches ...

Happy Halloween: Can we excavate witches? | Bones Don't Lie

... and Victorians having themselves photographed with the deceased, which makes most frat boy pranks seem rather tame:

The Presence of the Deceased | Bones Don't Lie

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