Avoid: Baker and Spice, SW1

Baker and Spice on Elizabeth Street SW1 opened again yesterday. Today the tables outside are busy again, but not with the regulars ... Tourists have taken their spot.
The reason? We may be used to having our cake and eating it - but we'd rather eat cake from elsewhere.

This is not the first time Baker and Spice has closed down. Like the last time, we were told this closure was due to a gas leak and technical issues. I did point out that they should have called the gas board, but despite walking past several times a day there was no sign of them.

I also, despite keeping an eye out for their signs, never saw this notice from the council displayed - except very briefly the night before last (the joys of dog walking!).

The natives are restless, and furious with Baker and Spice. The issues - mice, drains, etc - are not new. We accept that businesses can have problems, but we supported it as a local business.

Yes we were aware that Baker and Spice was a faux independent bakery and that it is owned by Patisserie Holdings which also owns Patisserie Valerie. Obviously if you like a side of mouse droppings with your "kosher" Challah, do feel free to continue buying from them.

Patisserie Holdings also owns Duckers Vienna Patisserie, Philpotts and Flour Power City Bakery whose bread I will no longer be buying at the Farmers' Market.

Risk Capital Partners have current investments in Gail's Artisan Bakery and the wholesale artisan The Bread Factory, but these are completely seperate structures and should not be affected.

Patisserie Holdings is traded on AIM.


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