Amphipolis: The Book

I have fabulous photos. Although I assumed the MC wouldn't want a book anymore now that it has turned out to be important, I also realised that they also have not said they don't want one. So I'm carrying on with it.


  1. Good. If its a woman's tomb. It should have a woman's voice.

  2. I believe it is unprofessional, writing about another persons excavation before they even have the chance to wash the pottery and study the small finds. This is getting out of hand. Arveler has already published a small book and Palaggia embarrassed herself. I assume no other archaeologist in Greece will ever do what Peristeri did.

  3. Rush to cash. Just like Arveler. This archeological dig will produce a torrent of books. Some will be of high quality scholarly treatises; and most will be of a low quality, riding the popular interest this finding has generated, but addressed to the ignorant folk.

  4. Dear George,

    I've been following your posts at empedotimos and at xronometro (I assume it's you under the alias J.Peters). Based on your writings, I value your input and consider you an educated and courteous person. As a result, I do not understand why you have assumed the role of the bully in this blog. You have already expressed your feelings for this blog in a rather rude post. I sincerely don't see any reason for you to continue to do so. Please, for the sake of us, who for our own reasons enjoy what's going on here, stop commenting.

    Thank you

  5. Some people are bothered, most are thrilled with the idea.

    I was aware I'd be criticised, and was not 100% comfortable doing it on my own but ...

    I figure since I was repeatedly asked by the excavators to do a popular book, I might as well do it - and frankly would rather people read mine than some of the nonsense out there.

    The MC have made photos available for publication, and I will use those.

    It won't be an academic publication of material that's not in the record, although I've made provisions for when that becomes available.

    It's a popular accessible book which is not that different from the blog posts, just slightly more in depth and with a proper story line.

    It's my own research, and consequences be damned, I can use it.

  6. @ Nikolaos Demlis

    I'll let Dorothy's response be my reply to you. Enjoy!

  7. If you think popular books can only be for idiots, that makes you a rather sad case.

    I assume you see yourself as one of the Oligarchs that thinks everything should be for themselves? Because that has hardly done Greece much good in recent years.

    I take a different view, that one can be factually accurate and still write in a popular way. I also take a different view in that I genuinely believe that culture and history should be for everyone, and that one should not complain if one does not make the effort to explain it to people.

    As far as I'm concerned, I was asked to write a book and provided with photographs I can publish. That's the end of the matter. You're welcome to keep claiming whatever you like, but that won't change the outcome.

  8. Dorothy, my argument was not against anyone writing a "popular" book - I applaud scientists who write good accurate popular books. I commented about "the rush" to write about something which is still on going, when it isn't even clear what it is.

    As for the characterizations, I return them all to those sending them. Name calling portrays those who use those names.

    I'm always looking forward to your professional insights - not the insider's info that belittles those who offer you that info.

  9. I'm not getting 'insider' info and I have been very clear that I have been ignoring all leaks. I am aware of someone at the MC who is leaking info, and if they MC chose not to do anything about him or forgive him as a junior academic, that's their choice.

    I am bright enough to come up with ideas on my own. That's why I get asked to work on and write about so many digs. I also don't hide behind a variety of pseudonyms.

    It's easy to throw mud, and a few years ago someone claimed I was publishing another tomb without permission. She did it behind my back, but oddly I was only presenting the finds, with the permission of the excavator, and ... gosh, we still email about the tomb several times a week, and he's still happy with my work.

    So so stop wetting yourself over leaks.

  10. You too Dorothy; have a nice evening.


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