Amphipolis: Alexander's Horses

I will blog about the mosaics that the Ministry of Culture just issued a press release about later today.

Before Olga Palagia announces that mosaics are Roman, let me make it clear that there is very good evidence of fine mosaics from a town destroyed by Philip II in 348 BC.

I am aware of how much hope and excitement the excavation at Amphipolis has generated during this difficult time in Greece. I am also aware that people are frustrated that they are not being told everything that has been found, and some of this is due to the slow nature of archaeology - for example tests need to be done on the soil, to confirm the date.

Having said that, I have gone out of my way not to mention conclusive evidence from the excavation. Doing so would have been a betrayal of archaeological protocol and of friendship.

But by refusing to share this information with the people of Greece, the Ministry of Culture has broken their bond of friendship with the people of Greece, whom they serve, and whose taxes fund their work.

I think that it is time that the Greek Ministry of Culture told the Greek people about other finds from the excavation. Please do so.