Why Archeologists Hate Indiana Jones

The Last Word On Nothing | Why Archeologists Hate Indiana Jones

I don't - I think that anything that gets people interested in archaeology is good - and I'm sure that most intelligent people can differentiate between fiction and reality ... but it's an interesting read.


  1. Time Team was the one when I was little. Had me digging up the back garden as a nipper. Did ask, still got a hiding - probably because Trench A went through the new flower bed! Was exceptionally proud of my 'Ming' pottery (c.1980 Willow pattern) and confused it was on top of a huge bed of concrete. Led to me researching the concrete (probably ww2 and related to AA emplacements). And ultimately a dissertation on a related subject.

    Small seeds sometimes.

  2. Thank goodness Time Team wasn't around when I was a child.

    It was bad enough that the summer my baby brother was born I was sent to cousins and we got bored and dug up their garden ... (Finds now in Wolverton Museum ...)

    I might admit that as an adult I sometimes 'salt' a trench when I'm teaching children about archaeology, but the finds we really did make as children are quite surprising.


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