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@RaptisCG: The isometric representation of the #Amphipolisfew c tomb via euro2day.gr #archaeology http://pic.twitter.com/tsYFAzCsKr

Please note that this is the official reconstruction by the archaeologists, ie the genius of Michalis Lefantzis, and it helps show how similar the tomb is to other Macedonian tombs - but in marble rather than plaster, and more monumental.


*cough* - please note that whilst the architecture is accurate, the details of the sculptures are still restored as conjectured


  1. I think now the focus on excavation is the removal the second diaphragm wall at the front of the Caryatids

  2. Looks like the "jeweled" tile may be in another entrance. Under the slab, that is what I see.

  3. Greek media reporting just now that two inscriptions were found in the tomb and are currently being analysed by the excavators.



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