Today In 454: Aetius Was Assasinated By Valentinian III

Flavius Aetius is one of those fascinating Late Antique figures who was both a great general (dux) and a politician, the power behind the throne. He is sometimes known at the Last Roman, and is frankly far more interesting than the emperor he served.

Valentinian himself was assassinated the following year, possibly on the orders of Petronius Maximus avenging his wife's rape by the emperor. One of the assassins, Thraustila, was married to Aetius' daughter according to Additamenta ad chron. Prosperi Hauniensis, s.a. 455.

Obviously Aetius is best know as the man who saved the remains of the Roman Empire from Attila.

I very much enjoyed Ian Hughes' biography of Aetius: Attila's Nemesis: Kindle UK, Kindle US, etc - as well as his bios of Belissarius and other too often overlooked non-Imperial figures.


If you enjoyed this video by Adrian Murdoch, check out his book on The Emperors of Rome; Kindle UK, Kindle US, etc

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