The Temple of Mithras, London

People, in my experience, are fascinated by archaeology. The History Channel wanted me to wear a push-up bra and a very short skirt to get people interested in archaeology,* but as Amphipolis today and this photo from London in 1954 shows ... that ain't the case! "An estimated 400,000 people visited the site in a two-week period" according to this article about the excavation:

BBC News - Temple of Mithras: How do you put London's Roman shrine back together?

If you have images or ephemera relating to the temple, contact
the Museum of London Archaeology on 020 7410 2266,
oralhistory@mola.org.uk or visit


* = I'm tired of people thinking I'm judging them because they choose to do TV and I won't. I honestly would happily do it if I could do decent things, but ... Anyway, this is one of my reasons for refusing to!

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  1. There is no push-up like Mitras business....


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