The Colbert Report: Videri Quam Esse

I love Stephen Colbert. I'd offer to have his babies, if he weren't already married and a fictional character.

He's hysterically funny - in Europe everyone seems to know Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, but for some reason not Colbert - so this is my 'plug' for his show.

(If anyone has ever seen me giggling hysterically at my iPad, it's probably his fault.)

Also, Colbert's a great Latin lover (see video below). Obviously, ideally we'd convince him that the Greek way is better ... but nobody's perfect.

The other issue is that The Colbert Report episodes are not on the UK Comedy Central web site, so we either have to crash a US Ambassador's pad (they all have US IP addresses) or pirate it. But despite photographic evidence that I consort with pirates, I instead went down the "buy pass" at iTunes route ...

The multi-pass is £10.99 and available here.

I also recommend getting a pass for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (and as soon as the new John Oliver show is on iTunes I will get one too ...)

Incidentally, I've had friends go on both shows, and Bruce Bartlett very very kindly sent me his Daily Show 'guest goodies' (but his nephew gets the Colbert ones).

Which is why I carry a Daily Show tote bag around to archaeological site: it's the perfect size and very strong.
But ideally - hint, hint friends, Christmakkah is coming soon ... - I'd really like a Colbert Report tote. Just not this one.

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