Syria: plus ça change ...

... plus c'est la même chose.

Chemical warfare in Syria? The Romans experienced it first in Syria. Tunnels? That too.

PhDiva: The Siege of Dura Europos, AD 256 (Updated):
Death in the Dark, Blood in the Streets: New Insights into the Siege and Fall of Dura-Europos
Simon James, University of Leicester
Around A.D. 254, anticipating renewed invasion of Syria by the Sasanians, the Roman garrison of Dura-Europos massively strengthened the city’s defences, intending to hold it at all costs. The Sasanian attack came c. 256, in a ferocious siege known entirely through archaeology: no historical account survives. This involved the full range of known siege techniques, including artillery, an assault ramp, mines, and countermines.

And if they start wearing chain mail? The Romans did that first in Syria too ...

PhDiva: The Evidence for Roman Chain Mail

I know every keeps talking about ISIS being Medieval or worse that we should go all Medieval on them ... but the Romans did it first, and frankly going back to them would be preferable.

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  1. Islamic Front, although it includes the al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front, are among the "moderate rebels" that the "West" is supporting in Syria. It's formed mostly by groups previously attached to the FSA. And they have killed hundreds of regime soldiers in these tunneling attacks.


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