RIP the Jobar Synagogue, Syria

As the year draws to a close, it is important to remember that Syria used to have a very vibrant Jewish community, but more synagogues have been destroyed there this year than at any other point since the time of Titus.

Whilst as tragic as the loss of the site of the Dura synagogue was, most of the items from it are safely elsewhere. The same cannot be said for the Jobar synagogue, whose foundations are older but whose library and cult objects are unaccounted for. This destruction seems to have accidental, and the local anti-government rebels had been going out of their way to save it.

Jobar falls well outside the remit of LootBusters, but I felt it was important to post these photos as a tribute to the synagogue and its Community. I have blanked out the faces, but have otherwise not tinkered with these photos as I feel it is important to try to preserve a record of the synagogue.

If anyone else has photos of now destroyed monuments, I am always happy to hear from them, and do not post them without express permission.


  1. Fabulous photos! Very useful and some good shots of the lintel by main door (which was pulled off before Jobar was destroyed but when it fell into rebel hands). Looks like there was a gas supply to the Shrine of Elijah and hence combustable (which I never noticed). I hope that at least endures beneath the rubble. Thanks Dorothy and brava! Adam Blitz

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