Osman Does Iznik

I might have mentioned the fashion genius of Osman Yousefzada before, and this week Nrowns are featuring him in their windows, notably his slightly fabulously over the top "tile-jacquard" based on Iznik tiles. Only the jacket is on the Matches web site (here).

But this dress is at FarFetch (here).

I admit I prefer his plain, beautifully cut architectural pieces, but ...

I think the fabric looks better as trousers - runway photo from Style.com, and do look through their other shots of his collection as the trompe-l'œil is fun and he's an incredibly talented designer.

According to Vogue, Osman's "muse du jour, the late Talitha Getty, was embarking on adventures in Morocco and beyond, which explains the ornamented tile pattern brocade that Yousefzada repeated throughout the collection"

It looks more Iznik to me than Moroccan, but what do I know ... I'm just an archaeologist who clearly needs to plan more than annual trips to Marrakesh!

(I've had the black version of this dress for years and love it - it's classic, but the kimono sleeves add a bit of flare; available this year at FarFetch in Navy and Matches in winter white ... ignore silly rules about no white after Labor Day - winter white is always chic, and styles often breaks all the 'rules'!).

And either to a) claim I was ahead of this trend, or b) that classic styles always come back, this is an old photo of me in an Antik Batik top blending into the scenery at the Topkapi.