Nothing Much ...

I'm not going to do an update on Amphipolis today. Maybe in a few days!

I'm working on another site and ... I've got to concentrate on that one for a little bit without getting distracted!

But yes the Caryatids are fabulous; they look like more archaising versions of the Tralles-Cherchel type I discussed the other day. That type is also known through Classicising copies at Mantua and other sites. None of the Tralles-Cherchel type have the raised arm preserved, and the Mantua-Venice variant figures the raised arm hold either a scroll or a mask ... So maybe the type didn't support the architrave after all! The backs of the Tralles and Cherchel types are very flattened, suggesting that the original backed onto a pillar. And the bitof the face found in the dirt supports the theory that it was structural damage.

Anyway, now I'll be dealing with Persian matter for a bit!



  1. The internet's an unappreciative and grubby place at times, so just thought I'd thank you for the blog and sharing your knowledge. I came initially for the Macedonians and have ended up wanting to know more about Caria. Oh and warrior princesses.

    All the best with what you're doing, and I look forward to learning more as you have time to share and publish.

  2. Thank you - that's very kind of you

  3. These caryatids...Stunning beauty and divine sensuality. There is something wild and of untamed in these locked bodies hanging two thousand years in the mists of time. A single word: ἀλήθεια


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