Looted: The Pharos of Alexandria ...

UPDATE -  just discovered that whilst this is still in Interpol etc databases, this was never looted. Turns out it was safely hidden with the stuff that went on tour, starting at the Guimet in Paris, but it was considered too fragile to show ... so that "rediscovered" was kept quiet. GRRRRR.

Since we've been discussing the burial of Alexander the Great at Alexandria rather than at Amphipolis, I thought I'd draw people's attention to this fabulous ancient glass vessel that was excavated in Afghanistan and went missing under the Taliban.

Although the Taliban like ISIS today were publicly iconoclasts, both groups in facts sold (and are selling) archaeological artifacts to raise cash. Having said that, glass is fragile, so it is more likely to have been destroyed, but if you spot it on the art market or in a collection drop me a line ...


David Meadows wrote a post comparing it to other ancient images of lighthouses: Looted Item du Jour: Pharos of Alexandria? | rogueclassicism

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