Le Selfie

Instead of the usual photos - ie Ellie von Jack Russell - this morning I went wild and took a selfie to show off my tee-shirt.

It's from Tagos, an Israeli brand, but you can buy them in London from the shop at Great Cumberland Place Synagogue. 

I bought the men's XL as I was planning to give it to a cousin but ... they size rather small. I know Tacitus (V,6) once said of the people of Israel that: "The inhabitants are healthy and hardy." But whoever designed these tees, clearly did not feel the same way ;-) 

I know there's a whole make-up vs no make-up debate going on, and in theory my attitude is "surely the point of feminism was to allow women to chose either" but ... most days, like today, I barely manage to moisturise before throwing on clothes to walk the dog. And the only make-up - Cranberry Veil on the lips by Face Stockholm - I applied without a mirror whilst she pooped. So to use a fabulous Latin word, only ever used to my knowledge by Vitruvius: ratiocinatio ...

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