Helena Rubinstein the Collector

Helena Rubinstein was a fascinating woman. Born in a Polish Ghetto, she moved first to Australia then London before settling in New York. She founded one of the great cosmetics empires ...

... and used the money she made to collect.

She donated this Egyptian mummy mask to Penn Museum and their Artifact Lab has been blogging about it:
A gift from a late, great, beauty magnate | In the Artifact Lab

And a little more about her collecting, along with some archival history about the mask:
More on Madame Rubinstein | In the Artifact Lab

Malcolm Gladwell wrote a long review of one biography of Rubinstein that covers her collecting: The Color of Money - The New Yorker
The biography of Rubinstein I enjoyed, and which made better holiday reading than most novels, was by Michèle Fitoussi:

Helena Rubinstein: The Woman who Invented Beauty - Kindle UK

It was originally published in French: Helena Rubinstein : La femme qui inventa la beauté (Documents Français)

This book is not included in the new Kindle Unlimited package Amazon have launched in the UK - £7.99 for "unlimited books" (from their slightly more limited selection, and which used to be included in Prime) - and I'm going to use the 30 day free trial next time I go on holiday. As always, free trials are great, but don't forget to mark day 29 in your diary so you can cancel before you're charged.

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