Food: Fry Baby, Fry

Both options are Knot Kwite Kosher, but ... with Chanukah coming up, and the simple fact that everything fried somehow tastes to much better ... I present my favourites in London.
The doughnuts I love are from my favourite little Polish sklep: Prima. These Pączki are fabulous, and available fresh daily.
Prima, 192 N End Rd, London W14 9NX


And the Cannoli that Don Lobel likes to be given?
Those come from Casa Cannoli, and are freshly piped – at the Duke of York Square Market on Saturdays, and various other places in London, see: Casa Cannoli. They also cater, so if you are planning a Chanukah party ... book 'em before someone else does.


  1. In Poland we have "pączki" with nutella inside;) Very fabulous!;)

  2. No! I am horrified - that sounds sooo American ;-)

    I love them with plum jam best ...

  3. ;) Yeah with jam are also great ;D


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