Exhibition: Chez Chanel @ Saatchi

Mlle Chanel's rue Cambon apartment has been much photographed, but is almost impossible to visit. So if you want to peek into this icon's home, then Chanel has organised an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery of photographs of number 31 by the photographer formerly known at Sam Taylor-Wood. It's not her best work – for example it pales by comparison to her re-creation of the Parthenon frieze on the scaffolding covering Selfridges – but it's a charming little insight into Coco Chanel, from the famous mirrored staircase down which she sent her mannequins, to the Chinoiserie she surrounded herself with.

Second Floor:
The Private Apartment Of Mademoiselle Chanel

12 September - 4 October 2014

A photographic exhibition by Sam Taylor-Johnson
The second to last photo: we had a similar chair covered in that same horrific floral brocade, and now I know where the interior got her inspiration from.
Whilst Mlle Chanel preached simplicity in dress, clearly most of the guests at the launch party had not received that memo. Also, amusingly, which she sold costume jewellery, she herself wore real jewels.