Ellie and Balloons ...

@DorothyKing: Ellie celebrating 10th anniversary of Duke of York Square ... http://pic.twitter.com/GooUS8zhp3

And yesterday with a Vodafone balloon ...

A long time ago I dated a musician, and whenever I was with him everyone completely ignored me. Strangely I'm now sleeping with an even bigger (local) celebrity - Ellie von Jack Russell - and if anything ... People focus even more on her - and less on me - than they did on him. I'm happier living in the shadows, so that works for me. And she makes people smile, something we need.

Ellie often carries and plays with a balloon that says "Happy Birthday" - only because those are the ones our local newsagent stocks.

She used to be terrified of balloons, I blew some up to show her they were not scary, and by the second or third she realised that they bounce and are rather fun.

To answer another question - I have no problem with companies sending her branded balloons, and her mailing address is under 'contact me' on the blog.

Unfortunately Ellie does not do TV for the simple reason that I'd need to go along with her and be compensated for my time. (Obviously I'd make an exception for my secret crush Stephen Colbert, but ...)

Addendum - I always make an effort to pick up the pieces of the balloons once they eventually burst - I know that this means future archaeologists will not find the evidence ... but I don't like to litter!

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