eBay: We Have No Papyri? UPDATED

ebuyerrrrr the Turkish supplier of dodgy papyri to dealers who ask no questions and the Green Bible Museum is sticking to selling what he calls embroidered textile Kaaba fragments and some dubious looking Egyptian 'antiquities' these days ... not papyri.

Under his alias eemtia he is listing Egyptian 'antiquities' but no more papyri.

eBay continue to ignore complaints, even from Ministry of Culture officials and foreign non-US law enforcement agencies. I was recently sent this interesting comment from someone involved in dealing and collecting:
eBay just recently disbanded their advisory committees on both philately and numismatics. They are no longer taking complaints or acting on complaints regarding authenticity. When I was on the board of ANA, we found that eBay wanted a partnership with ANA only so that they could blame ANA whenever they took down a listing - which made the sellers very unhappy with ANA. eBay took no responsibility themselves for enforcement – they always blamed the third party. Consequently, ANA ended their relationship with eBay and insisted that eBay no longer refer to ANA as participating in policing listings
eBay continued to use their monitoring committees (or perhaps they initiated them at that time - I don’t know how long they have been in existence) - but they have now been shut down. The only way that anyone has ever been able to get eBay’s attention is through law enforcement - when the Mounties started legal action in relation to counterfeit Canadian items, eBay suddenly clamped down on them. The only way we will get eBay’s attention is for some US prosecutor to start to bring actions in regard to violations of the Hobby Protection Act – not very likely because the values of the individual transactions are generally pretty low, in the big scheme of things. eBay will plead inability to police all the listings that are up - which is probably correct. So even if we get the rule changed to require permanent and conspicuous markings relating to reproductions, nobody will be watching for them, and since the feedback channel has now been closed, collectors cannot do that policing themselves. I will be happy to comment on your letter, but I believe it’s a fool’s errand to try to obtain any satisfaction from eBay - they are interested only in their revenue volume, and let the devil take the hindmost when it comes to harming buyers. You will also need a lawyer to look at it, to cite the correct sections of the HPA and eBay’s responsibility for policing sellers.

I used to love eBay, but these days it is dodgy as hell. Whilst the comment above refers to counterfeits, eBay is even worse when it comes to looted archaeological material.

You'd have to be bananas to buy antiquities, coins or collectables off eBay these days.

Guy Chamberland pointed out to me that perhaps I should point out that ANA=Am. Num. Assoc. Interestıngly, Roman Imp. Coınage II.1 2nd ed.2007 ıncludes eBay variants - and kindly took these photos:

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  1. My, how things have gone down hill at eBay in the past seven years; well done, Johnny Ho, Ho, Ho ...

    The ugly reality of eBay Inc.:
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    With eBay you are dealing with ill-thought out policies devised by a bunch of disingenuous sociopaths and implemented via poorly written algorithms; eBay is a "machine" controlled by executives that care not one iota about anyone but themselves ...

    The difference between eBay and the Mafia is that most eBay employees are unaware that they are working for an organisation calculatingly involved in criminal activity ... http://bit.ly/11F2eas

    The eBay executive suite—where the incompetent mingle with the disingenuous, the malevolent and the outright criminal, and the just plain stupid ... http://bit.ly/11F2eas


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