Disobedient Objects @ the V&A

I popped into the V&A in London. Technically I was meant to be seeing a completely different exhibition, but the 'defaced' front steps caught my eye ...
... and lured me in. The short version is that I had planned to see and blog a completely different exhibition, but I can't recommend Disobedient Objects enough. It's on until the 1st February 2015 at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

What first caught my attention was this badge, and I Tweeted quite a lot of photos as I found the show fascinating. Of everything I've seen recently, this was by far the most interesting exhibition.

"Solidarność badge in V&A show ... Boy does that bring back childhood memories of Poland under the communists ..."

I spent a lot of time in Poland as a child.

"Someone might have protested Apartheid in Trafalgar Square too ... Bugger, I'm a bloody liberal ..."

As a schoolgirl. I also boycotted South African apples ....
"Don't think these stickers are an official part of the exhibit ... But points for good protest to Union ;-)"

Greek archaeologists recently had a huge pay cut, and British curators also seem to be at risk of one.

"Call me shallow but ... I'd drive this in a heartbeat: the Tiki Love Truck"
"Current conflict in Syria is represented."

I did organise a little protest outside the embassy two+ years ago, but I'm afraid that did little good.
"This is in section "for future disobedient objects" - guess I shouldn't admit to knowing anyone in the photo, LOL"

(Yup - never met any of them, never dated anyone, don't know what a sheep is).
"Guerrilla Girls ... Always had a good point."

"Defaced currency - left is Ireland & N Ireland coins, bottom is Gaddafi and ... $"
"Knew the US and Culture sets, not this 2004 set by Noel Douglas ..."
"Me too, me too ... ;-)"
"From Gezi 2013 ... And Athens 2013 and ..."

Incidentally, the tear-gas mask instructions - and several others, such as the Flone - can were given away in the exhibition, or can be downloaded here.


For the fashion note, there is a little irony. I bought this over-sized linen shirt from Uniqlo a few weeks ago (a bargain at £9.90 on the sale rail; also got the white one).

And I blame the Palestinians ;-)

There was a large pro Palestine demonstration in London that day. I'd popped out to buy groceries, and ended up on the 'wrong' side of Oxford Street to go home so I watched and waited for it to pass. And waited. And waited ... then went clothes shopping to pass the time.

I know cousins in the States read the press coverage of the demonstration, and much of that coverage focused on supposed 'Antisemitism' - I didn't see any that day; just a very large and overwhelmingly friendly crowd.

Take this photo - taken out of context it could look like the destruction of property, the beginning of a riot perhaps:

In fact the guy was saying to his friend "I've climbed all the way up here! Take another selfie of me; I want a good one!"

The protestor wanted to document his protest in that most modern of ways - through social media.

There are a lot of idiots on the internet, and sometimes criticism can go over the top and turn into threats or hate speech. But I'd rather live in the world where people can voice their views than go back to the sorts of societies many of the objects in the exhibition were protesting. It doesn't mean I have to listen to everyone's views but ... I'll always fight for their right to express them.

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