Chanel: Protest Chic

Yes, I am aware that newspaper Diarists like to take the piss out of the various protests I've organised over the years, and since I tend to mock myself regularly I can't blame them. Off the top of my head there was the woman who turned up in an anorak. Okay, it was sable, but it was still an anorak. And there was the time I checked in our banners with the doorman at the Mandarin Oriental and took the stragglers for drinks in the bar (I was going on to a party, and it seemed a pity to waste a Dior dress ... Roland Mouret's Galaxy my armour on another protest). And the way I drop the police thank you notes ...

Anyway, I'm thrilled to see that Karl Lagerfeld is embracing protest chic in his Chanel show today.

Style.com will have a review shortly, and has photos of the actual clothes up.