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Ministry of Culture press releases about Amphipolis can be found on their web site here. I'm happy to try to continue answering questions about them when I can, but could I please ask people to post the questions in the comments if they can, as I can't answer emails individually.

I'm normally vaguely willing to talk to journalists, ideally off the record, but I do not feel comfortable doing so about Amphipolis or active Loot Busters case - sorry. And as I often have to explain, if I knew about baddies doing x or y in a country, I'd tell the local ministry of culture or the police rather than a journalist. I am quite happy to go on the record about how bloody awful eBay is or how the Green Bible Museum is dodgy.

I'm always delighted to receive books from PRs, and either pass them on (usually to libraries) or keep them after a review. I'm a little confused about some of the other things some PRs have offered to send me, as I would never praise chia seeds or weight loss pills, but ... yes I have a lot of readers here and through Culture Concierge, and I'm always happy to try out new things and mention them if I like them.

I currently only use Amazon Affiliate links. I might add more, or I might not. It does not cost readers anything extra, and it makes it easier for me to add links - every once in a while I get a tiny percentage if people click through, and I buy myself a new book with the credit. If it bothers you, just buy the items elsewhere!

I love independent book shops, and I make a point of buying books that I would not have found otherwise through them. I am aware that some people are currently boycotting Amazon, but I'm mostly okay with the company. For those in London I highly recommend this (free) App for finding more amazing independent book shops ... and I'll be blogging about some of the ones I love soon.

The way Amazon Associates works is that if I recommend something, and you click through and buy it, I get a % of the price. For example I love and have Amazon Prime. If you click through these links below - Amazon UK or Amazon US - and try the 30 day free trial of Prime ... you get next day delivery in the UK or two-day delivery in the US, and streaming of some TV and movies (it's not as good as Netflix) ... I might  get $3 ... but my advice is to mark 29 days ahead when you start the trial, so that you remember to cancel it before you're billed. (For students in the US, this seems to be a better deal: Join Amazon Student FREE Two-Day Shipping for College Students ).

I only recommend books I've read and loved on the blog and in the newsletter; I sometimes tweet links to free or cheap books, not all of which I've read, because I tend to share the bargain when I find one ...

I didn't want to start a separate blog, so posts for my friends and 1% neighbours are marked "Le Fluff et Le Puff" and continue after a break (it's tongue in cheek).

I'm going to be blogging more regularly about London, food and travel, and incorporating places I feature in the Culture Concierge newsletters - renamed Culture Cut - with this blog in the form of more detailed blog posts.

I have no current travel plans, although I am trying to build a US trip in March around a conference. I tend to go to Marrakesh at the start of the year for some sun, and love Morocco (it is very safe for women on their own). I also normally go to Athens at the start of the year, but that might be rescheduled as my friends seem to be digging elsewhere. So Istanbul might be on the cards instead ... Oh, and Paris. And anywhere else that appeals ... Anyway, there will be a lot more travel posts about hotels, restaurants and places I love in those cities.

I don't track page views or locations or anything else at LootBusters - the site is deliberately low tech as I want people to be able to look at material without worrying about tracking.

Most of the threats and hate mail I receive seems to originate at Cambridge for some reason, but I only pass on serious threats ... to be honest I ignore most of them.

I've set my Twitter account to not private, and it seems to be working rather well (one idiot blocked, nothing else unpleasant); @DorothyKing

I use DorothyLobelKing for Tumblr - My Little Tumblr - and Instagram, although I use neither terribly often. There are Culture Concierge and LootBusters Facebook pages, which I largely ignore, and I have very few 'friends' on Facebook that I'm not related to.

I don't 'pin' or FourSquare or use many other sites ... and whilst a woman in America has very 'kindly' signed me up to various other sites such as Over 60s Dating and Obese Dating and Adulterers R Us, obviously those are not my accounts - but I'm happy to provide people with her email if they'd like to contact her directly ...


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  2. The Culture Ministry press releases mentioned in the post can be found translated into English at http://amphipolis-tomb.blogspot.com. It's an automatic translation from Google, but readable.


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