Amphipolis: The Inscriptions?

I know that there are rumours, but until these are officially released by the Greek Ministry of Culture, I will not be discussing them.

The archaeologists are doing an amazing job under ridiculous and almost unheard of pressure, and whilst I understand how excited everyone is ... let's give them a little space.

If they are forced to go too fast they could make mistakes and then Skopje propagandists will say they got things wrong and try to undermine the importance and veracity of the amazing finds being made in Greek Macedonia at Amphipolis.

So dear Greeks, please be good citizens and give your archaeological stars a little space! It will only benefit the glory of Greece in the long run!


  1. Hello and congratulations on your blog! I am a recent follower.
    The news about supposed inscriptions found at the
    Amphipolis tomb dig has been officially denied by the Greek Ministry of Culture:

  2. The thing is, the ministry lacks the competence to manage (and why not exploit) the excitement and need for information.
    Like it or not, perhaps due to the crisis, everyone here is very excited about the find and its progress. This should be something good.
    However, what we often hear from the state is the need to "give arcaeologists space" as you put it. But instead, there should be a team in place to manage the information & feed the media while at the same time leaving the archaeologists to do the job.
    It's not very complicated, really. On top of the periodical (laconic & technical) press releases, the ministry could have a social media team in place to steadily feed bits and pieces of information, not necessarily critical, but for instance detail photos from pre-released material, historic facts pertaining to the tomb, and so on. This should keep the media and the public happy as the archeologists continue with their work, not to mention it could also allow the ministry to keep various absurd theories about the find in check. It could also amplify the excitement on a global scale, securing future visitors from all over the world.
    What could be better ? Unfortunately, I'm afraid the ministry of culture seems incompetent and backward-thinking in its handling of information and the media. What's ironic is that the PM himself has played a significant role in fueling mass interest on the issue, for political reasons of course. In any case, it's sad that such an opportunity for international exposure is being lost out of sheer incompetence.

  3. 1 - yes the ministry was very clear that no inscriptions were found inside the tomb today

    2 - am I not doing a good enough job for you? ;-) I feel I am going at break-neck speed to keep you guys informed ... And can barely keep up. Honestly there are very few people who specialise in this, so it's not that easy for them to find someone to explain it all for you.

  4. 3 - Also re this "What's ironic is that the PM himself has played a significant role in fueling mass interest on the issue, for political reasons of course."

    I don't know enough about Greek politics to have any opinion about the Prime Minister, but:

    He did not visit the site and publicise it until several days after an over-enthusiastic well-meaning person had leaked the news of the finds. Due to the emails, it was too late to stop the story, and the Prime Minister visited so that the story could 'officially' break in the news.

  5. great post again dorothy and i for one appreciate the effort your putting in,of course,the subject matter being right up your street helps.you wouldnt be out of place running the dig.

  6. Kyri you're too kind. Whilst I appreciate the flattery - and the baklava ;-) - the guy in charge is a thousand times more experienced and better than I am at digging! Plus, I'm working on another site (I like to think it is *almost* as exciting but ....)

  7. Of course we appreciate your efforts. Your blog is great, and that's why we keep coming here after all :)
    But you mention that it's not easy to find specialists that can write about this type of thing, and how time consuming it is. You also mention that you are going at break-neck speed to keep everyone informed (again, this is fully appreciate, not just the effort, but the content, the product of your labour as well). And this is exactly why this type of thing should be done (not exclusively) with the official capacity and resources of the ministry of culture! Surely they can assemble a small team that can pull this off. Not to mention, they are on the site which gives them first hand access to the findings. And finally, it does not have to be fully academic in scope (this can be left to talented bloggers ;), but as I mentioned, a small team could distrubute bits and pieces of information, some academic background, information from the site, some multimedia etc. on social media.
    Anyway, this is my opinion as a communications professional (I'm not an archaeologist). Often I find the state anachronistic in these kinds of issues, especially in more traditional fields where fear of technology and (I'm sorry to say) modern-day management run high. Case in point, today's press release by the Arceologists Association (SEA), which more or less is against any cummunications management of the dig: (Greek) http://www.archaiologia.gr/blog/2014/09/11/ο-σεα-διαφωνεί-με-την-επικοινωνική-δια/

    As for the PM, I don't really mind his mention of the excavation, for whatever reasons. Ultimately it's a good thing and in my opinion so is publicity around it. As long as it's professionally managed.

  8. Firstly, if I were on the site I a) would not be allowed to blog this way and b) would not have books and c) be too exhausted after digging to do so.

    It's also the area I specilise in and wrote my PhD on so .... Not many others could blog this way :-(

    And the main issue is that most of my colleagues look down their noses at blogging .... Although then they can't understand why the public is not interested in their work ;-)


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