Of Trolls and Frenemies ....

I've been meaning to write a nice sensible piece about Trolls on the internet, and to argue that whilst many are unpleasant, and the odd one is offensive, they also have the right to freedom of expression. As much as I dislike some of the things some people have said about me, for example, I respect their right to have their own opinions - I'll even admit some of the criticisms are true ... and I'd rather tolerate / ignore the lies than live in the sort of society where people cannot express themselves, such as Iran or under ISIS.

The odd troll can be dangerous and should be reported to the police, but most are not. Last year I chose to call the police over one man who had already been issued with an anti-harassment order, because his fantasies were escalating. But most 'trolls' - and a couple of them are women I "know" in real life - are just angry people who can easily be dealt with by clicking "block" or "mark as spam" or a dozen other ways ....

But frankly this photo that @deannamascle Tweeted says it all.

I don't worry about "trolls" or "frenemies" because they are not people who opinion matters to me, and I'm a grown woman not some little girlie. And I'm not going to waste my time saying anything more about them because I'd rather spend my time on friends.

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