Looting Hecatomnus' Tomb

In August 2010 archaeologists in Caria, Turkey announced that a tomb had been found in Mylasa, probably that of Hecatomnus. Well actually the police found it when swooping down on looters who'd been 'excavating' it ... I blogged it initially here. I've discussed the looting of the tomb and the sort of material that could have been found in it at a conference, and blogged about the coins here.

Compare those photos to these ones I'm posting today.

I've passed them on to someone at the ministry, but I've decided for a change to also post them on this blog because ... If I've ended up with these photos that the looters supposedly took, then they were clearly shown to many others - dealers, collectors, and so forth. The photos seem to have been taken in January 2005 during the final stage of looting? With keys used to show scale, and were presumably intended to to show the sarcophagus off to potential buyers.

I've also posted one to show the damage they did trying to move the sarcophagus - that big white scar without patina. I have not posted other photos, but one has a newspaper which would seem to support the date stamp.

All the photos can be right clicked to enlarge them. If you were shown these photos, or think you can help identify the looters or middlemen they passed through, please get in touch - caria [at] lootbusters.com. People collect antiquities because they love history and archaeology, and I know that the vast majority of you try to keep the field kosher - this is your chance to help, so please do.

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