Ancient Greek Sandals: Heels like Hermes?

I was going to tweet a quick PSA to point out that Matches is doing an extra 20% off sale items until tomorrow night with the code EXTRA20 ... and that included some Ancient Greek Sandals (here) including these white winged 'Fteroti' design ones down from £135 to £64.80 ...

And then I got a little overly pernickety and thought "hold on ... aren't the wings on the wrong way?"

I've had the Ancient Greek Sandals' Ikaria design in gold in the past (left). I love their shoes, I recommend them as a 'bring back from Athens' souvenir to everyone, although half the shops in Plaka are now doing bad knocks offs, but ...

Aren't Hermes' wings meant to point back and out, as in this design?!?!?

In the Greek and Roman period, yes.

In the Byzantine period, as so often, iconography goes a wee bit wonky ... particularly when it comes to pagan scenes depicted during the Christian period.

This little 5th or 6th century Egyptian pyxis in the Walters (inv. 71.64) shows a naked Venus being awarded the apple by a near-naked Hermes.

He looks like a version of any other ancient Hermes until it comes to his heels ... and one notes that his wings are on backwards!

For those seeking an alternative, PINKGEEKSBOUTIQUE on Etsy sells a variety of "shoe wings" to add to trainers.

[And for those who are instead now browsing through the Matches sale selection, if I had the money I'd be looking at Altuzarra, particularly this coat, and I have a weakness for the clean architectural designs of C├ędric Charlier and Osman ...]